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Some Scottish history stuff

I found an interesting lecture on YouTube on the two Andrew Morays who fought in the Scottish Wars of Independence. The first was overshadowed by William Wallace, the second fought during the second War of Independence, which was overshadowed by the first. I knew of them both through my reading, but far less of the second Andrew Moray. Edward Balliol was a competing king for a time with the young Kind David II, Bruce's son. This is a period that the Scots tend not to acknowledge.

I'm currently reading a novel by Jack Whyte on the young Robert the Bruce. This is the second in a trilogy; the first being on William Wallace and the third intended to be on James Douglas, "The Black Douglas." This is the third such trilogy that's been written recently, though the other two focus on Bruce. Robert Low and Robyn Young are the other two authors. The inspiration I guess for all of them was the Scottish Referendum and the anniversary of Bannockburn. Of the three authors, I find Whyte the best to read.
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