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These drabbles were written for a rosfic_forum challenge to write from the point of view of a character you don't usually write for. I was challenged to write for Gisburne.

Finally. Thank you to azinazelle for her patience and beta.

1. Enemies

“Why can’t you kill me, Wolfshead?” Guy rasped, Robin’s sword at his throat.

 Robin said, “I can’t because you’re my brother. My father is your father.”

“Are you mad?” Guy spat out.

“Your mother told me before she died.” Robin walked away.

“No! You’re lying!” Gisburne shouted after him. 

 Guy was too shocked to pursue his enemy. Stunned disbelief gave way to fury.  His mother had deceived him. His blood father had deserted him before he was born. The man Guy had called father hated him.  

 The man he most wanted to kill in the world was his half brother.



I tried two drabble ideas for Gisburne, so I thought I might as well post this one as well. Thank you again to azinazelle. Now I really will stop!

2. The New Squire

 One of the new squires was a runt of a boy. Gisburne had seen his father leave him without a farewell or any sign of affection. Gisburne spoke in his mind to the youth, from his own life and experience:

‘You’ll get no pity, boy. You’ll suffer hurt and humiliation. Don’t show fear or loneliness, only pride. You’ll have to grow a thick hide and a rigid mask. Your rage and hatred will keep you alive.

They’ll teach you to fight with sword, shield and spear. Teach yourself to use a knife, so you may cut out your own heart.’

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