May 12th, 2012


Sirens, Richard Madden

My Sirens DVD has finally come. It was being held to ransom by Customs. I watched all the episodes again plus most of the extras. Not enough! Richard is good as Ashley Greenwick, the character of the three who's the most private. The relationship between the three main characters is good and their banter is fun, though I much prefer Rhys Thomas to Kayvan Novak. I also like the policewoman Maxine. A series that one can happily watch over again.

Richard Madden has done lots of interviews lately. FLAILS! It's great when he's asked good questions and gives interesting answers. He's enthusiastic and lively, so committed to his GoT character. He has an expressive face and uses hand gestures a lot, plus that gorgeous voice and lovely eyes!  I'm not keen on what's been done with Robb Stark this season, but so far Oona and Richard are good together.