karen9 (karen9) wrote,

Twelfth Night Drabble

Written in a hurry. Mildly grisly. My take on the Robin of Loxley Resurrection story. *g*

The Sheriff's Twelfth Night Nightmare

On the Twelfth Night of Christmas Gisburne sent to the Sheriff: Robin Hood's head on a platter. The green eyes stared; the long dark locks were matted with blood.

"Don't shake your gory locks at me!” cried the Sheriff.

“Murder! Murder!”  The head shouted.

The Sheriff tossed a cloth over it.

The muffled head shouted louder. “Murder! Murder!”

The Sheriff threw the head on its platter skimming all the way to Sherwood, where it was caught by Robin Hood’s headless body. The hands fitted the head seamlessly back on the severed neck.

Robin Hood waved and grinned at the Sheriff.

Tags: drabble, twelfth night

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