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World Cup

That's the World Cup over for another four years. I may have rediscovered my enthusiasm for football. I was keen up to about 1999. I've been put off by the huge amounts of money involved, and by so many teams having so many international players that they lose their national style.

I was sad that Uruguay lost to Germany. Fourth place wins nothing. Forlan was so close to getting an equaliser right at the end. It was an entertaining game with good goals from Cavani and Forlan. I think Forlan well-deserved the Golden Ball. Uruguay were unpopular here because they beat South Africa 3-0, but more because they knocked out Ghana, the last remaining African team. Suarez was booed all the time.

For the final I was neutral to start with, but I liked the way Spain played so I supported them. My favourite player was Sergio Ramos, a good attacking defender. It was a scappy, bad-tempered match. I thought the ref needn't have handed out so many yellow cards.

I wonder how much Gemany and their opponents were influenced by Paul, the octopus? My nephew reckons Paul chose the flags with the most red in them.



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Jul. 13th, 2010 02:41 am (UTC)
It's great that you've rediscovered your enthusiasm for football. It seems to be growing more and more popular, so it's certainly a good sport to follow. :-)

I love your nephew's theory about Paul the octopus! It would be interesting to study all the flags and see if your nephew's hypothesis is correct!
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