karen9 (karen9) wrote,

Holiday 4, Alnwick Gardens

Still on the first day. The rain cleared up when we went to Preston Tower, so we went back to Alnwick to walk around the formal gardens. These are set on a slope, with several water features.

You can see children with trucks carrying water around and getting merrily wet.

There were these large hollow hedges on the sides of the main water feature.


The flower gardens.

A dovecote on the wall in the flower gardens.


There was a garden of hedges and water "sculptures." There were a lot of happy kids sloshing around!

My brother-in-law took these photos of flowers.


P.S. I can't get the LJ cut to work! Is it, e.g. <lj-cut text="More"> where you want the cut, then </lj-cut> at the end? 

Tags: alnwick gardens, holiday

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