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Holiday. 6, Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland

I liked this ruined castle. I took 81 photos!


Dunstanburgh Castle was built by Thomas of Lancaster, a powerful baron during the reign of Edward II. After his death, the castle was taken by John of Gaunt, an influential man, the founder of the royal House of Lancaster. 


Dunstanburgh castle is built on a hill on a small peninsula. To get to it, one walks half an hour from the nearest village, through pasture land.


Main entrance.


View of an outlying tower.



You can see the extent of the fortifications. They went all the way to the left and back again above cliffs.


A "death hole." There were two over the main gateway. The photo is taken looking down. Archers would have been able to fire directly on men attacking the gate.


A photo taken in the rain. It rained heavily while we were there.


The outlying tower.





View over the cliffs by the outlying tower.

Dunstanburgh Castle must have been impressive and formidable.


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