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Holiday, 7. Cragside, Northumberland

Cragside Hall is a Victorian mansion, built by a Lord Armstrong. He was ahead of his time in installing mod cons, including an hydro-electric plant. By the standards of the time, he made conditions convenient for his staff.


Part of the large kitchen. There's an early type of dishwasher above the urn on the right.


Shiny copper pots and moulds. They were in a glass-fronted cabinet, so not as bright as they were. 




 And tea! 


The bedrooms were done up as they would have looked with guests.


A gentleman's bedroom. Note top hat on chair.


There were four of these windows, one for each season. Unfortunately, my photo of the other two did not come out well enough. I think these were by william Morris.


The statuette doesn't look Victorian to me.


There were lots of pretty tiles.


Can't remember what this splendid room was for.

There were several of these windows on the stairs.


Cragside Hall is well-named. It's set amongst wooded crags and hills, with beautiful trees, paths,a river, a man-made lake, and bridges.



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