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Holiday. 11, Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire

My brother-in-law went back to work the second week I was there. My sister and I found a few interesting places to visit with the help of her Satellite Navigation Device, named Flossie!


Newstead Abbey is the ancestral home of the Byrons. It was originally a priory, but the monastery was dissolved by Henry VIII, who sold it to Sir John Byron. The Abbey continued in the Byron family until being sold by the poet. The facade and cloisters remain.




I thought I had taken more photos of the interior of the house, which retains some of the mediaeval structure. The house has several rooms kept as they were when Byron used them. I thought I'd taken photos of them.


The mediaeval-style hall decorated by the man who bought the Abbey from Byron. That's a minstrels' gallery at the end. There are banners, trophies and a small suit of armour.



Arches in the cloisters.

The fountain in the cloister courtyard.

Unfortunately, a very poor set of photos for a house which deserved more! Apologies.


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