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Holiday. 13, Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire


The church at Kedleston is of Norman origin. It is the only building remaining from the mediaeval village.



Tombs of the Curzons, the lords of Kedleston.



Kedleston Hall is an 18th C mansion built on the site of a Queen Anne house, which was built on the site of the mediaeval manor. The Hall was designed by Robert Adam in the neo-classical style.


The Marble Hall in the State Rooms.



I took lots of photos of the rooms. Many are poor because I'm an inexperienced photographer, and I was trying to snap quickly in the press of people.


There were a couple of galleries with 17th & 18th C paintings and furniture.



The ballroom.



A detail of the wall.


Bed post.


There was a gallery of porcelain of famous names.

Well, that's it - the lot!

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