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It's about six weeks since I ordered Merlin Series Three from e-Bay. The Customs sharks are probably holding it to ransom! I wish they'd just send the damn ransom note so I can pay it! Grrrr!

So, being currently obsessed with Merlin, I'm playing Series 2 & 3 episodes over and over again. One of my favourites is The Lady of the Lake. The scenes between Merlin and Freya are touching. I always cry when she dies. I feel sorry for her as the cat beast as well, the way she cries when she's mortally wounded and the way she looks at Merlin.

Also, there are the funny parts with Merlin stealing Arthur's food. And the bonus of a bare-chested Bradley. A few inexpert screen caps ---




Handsome shield in the corner.

What are those scratches from?

Tags: bradley james, merlin

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