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Fo some time now I've been feeding a squirrel at work. He hangs around where my cats live. On Saturday I saw a second one and she's here today again. I assume they're a couple. Of course I don't have my camera with me when they're active. They enjoyed avocado pear last week because I couldn't get shelled nuts in the shops. They're not that keen on the unshelled nuts and the big doves eat them. Pests! The suirrels won't eat sunflower seeds, which they're supposed to like. So I had to go to a pet food shop to buy shelled peanuts. It's attached to a butcher's shop. The smell made me gag. The things I do for critters!

It was stupid of me to start feeding the squirrels anyway because they've now got used to being fed. I don't know what will happen to them when the cottage is demolished. I just can't help it though - when I see critters I have to feed them.
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