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The Eagle

I took a flexi afternoon off and went to see The Eagle yesterday. I'm glad I saw it in the cinema because those wonderful vistas need a big screen.

I enjoyed it. It was exciting all the way through. The attack on the Roman Fort by the northern tribes was scary. It was interesting to see, rather than only read about, the Roman fighting tactics against the Britons.  The soldiers could take quite a battering if they stayed discliplined and in their formations. The tribal people fought individually and wildly. If the soldiers stood firm they could beat much larger numbers. There was a battle over the Wall between the Romans commanded by Agricola and a confederation of  northern tribes that ended with many thousands of the Britons dead and only a few hundred Romans.

The seal people were scary too, running relentlessly after our heroes. I liked the idea of the Roman soldiers who had "gone native" and been adopted by tribes. The only disappointing part was the ending, which was weak.

A film well worth seeing.
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