karen9 (karen9) wrote,

How the West Was Won: the Macahans DVDs

I recently bought the first series of How the West Was Won: the Macahans. The DVDs have been produced recently by a Swedish company, with subtitles in Swedish and Finnish. It seems the series was popular in the Scandinavian countries.

It's a western series from the late 70's about a family moving from Virginia to Oregon at the time the Civil War breaks out. The father and elder son become involved in the Civil War. The uncle is a "mountain man," an oldtime trapper and hunter who knows Indian ways.

I think it's aged well except for the gung-ho introductions about pioneers and the great American spirit!

Bruce Boxleitner plays the elder son, Luke, a bonus.

I have extravagantly ordered the other three series.
Tags: bruce boxleitner, how the west was won

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