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Merlin series 4, episode 2

I watched Merlin episode two on "putlocker." It does stop and start a bit but otherwise the quality is good. I decided to sign up for downloading and better quality. It doesn't cost much.

I preferred this part to the first of the two-parter because I think it was better edited and not so choppy. I was a bit disappointed with the two opening episodes, but I suppose there was too much hype and too many spoilers for them to live up to expectations.

The major weak link to me is Morgana. Her motivations for what she does have never been clear or adequate. I find her unconvincing, partly because of the poor lines she's given and partly because of Katie MacGrath's inadequate acting. I think Angel Coulby does well with her part in episode two.

Gwaine has been made into a scared buffoon. This is not his character as portrayed in previous series.

Nothing is made of the Valley of the Fallen Kings even though it is obviously somewhere people won't go if they don't have to. The entrance is nowhere as awesome as that shown in The Crystal Cave.

Despite the negatives I enjoyed the episode.

On a frivolous note I think the make-up department has messed up Arthur's hair.
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