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Merlin episode 4: His Father's Son

 I enjoyed this episode a lot. Arthur had to make hard decisions with slimy Agravaine insinuating that Arthur wasn't as strong as his father. Arthur remaining in his tent while his knights and Merlin joke around a fire shows Arthur's feelings of isolation and his heavy sense of responsibility. It's sad that this makes him put Merlin at a distance, although Arthur admits at the end that he should have listened to Merlin. I couldn't guess what would happen in this episode beyond the spoilers so it was exciting. I liked Queen Annis, especially when she comes to an agreement with Arthur despite her personal feelings. She acts as a responsible ruler should act. I liked her taking the measure of Morgana and telling her she's like Uther.  

I was a bit disappointed with Morgana and Merlin's rather feeble magic. Also, where does Morgana get the idea that the throne of Camelot is rightfully hers? She's illegitimate. Even if that didn't matter in Camelot (as in Wales) she would have to be older than Arthur. Would an illegitimate woman have a right to a throne before a legitimate son? I doubt it.
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