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Merlin episode 6: A Servant of Two Masters

I don't know how amusing this episode was meant to be, but I found a lot of it funny: old Merlin, Merlin's incompetent attempts at assassinating Arthur, Gwen and Gaius' efforts to thwart Merlin, and George. 

The knights had a few more lines, particularly Sir Leon, who's looking good. I can't believe that Arthur would suspect any of his knights, nor Gaius, which happens in the next episode by the looks of it. Arthur is made to look obtuse and stupid when he believes Agravaine so easily.

I'd have liked the magic confrontation between Emrys and Morgana to be more spectacular, like that between Merlin and Nimueh.

Colin Morgan is good as the stroppy Merlin. Colin and Bradley James display their talents for comedy. And of course there's Bradley's obligatory bare chest, taken a bit further this time.

Best surprise: Arthur hugged Merlin!
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