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I was disappointed with the Merlin finale. I thought the writing was lazy and the plot too similar to the last series finale, which was stronger. I was particularly disappointed that Arthur couldn't pull Excalibur from the rock without magical help from Merlin. The sword is supposed to have power of its own and be wielded only by Arthur. With such a powerful sword Arthur should have been able to defeat Helios easily. How did the dragon get all the knights and people together without scaring them all to death?  I disliked Isolde dying as a plot device to bring Arthur and Gwen together. The confrontation between Arthur and Morgana was too short. I'm so tired of Morgana!  Once again Merlin's magic consisted mostly of throwing people around, though it was good to see him using it fatally against Agravaine.

I suppose I hoped for too much from this series and maybe watching again will make me like it more. For me the best episode was His Father's Son because in it Arthur behaved like a king. One sees little of the king in Arthur in the rest of the episodes. Like so many people I find the Arthur and Gwen romance unconvincing. I think Lancelot should not have been disposed of so quickly. He would have made a stronger leader of the knights than Leon and a worthy champion of Camelot. I don't think Arthur would continue to treat Merlin so off-handed once Arthur has openly shown his affection for Merlin, although Arthur might step back again.

I finished watching Game of Thrones. It was awesome: a believable world, good scripts and an excellent cast. I think I should read the next novel before the next series so I don't get any unpleasant surprises with major character deaths. My favourite characters after Ned Stark are Arya and Rob Stark. I think Rob is convincing as a leader that the other nobles would proclaim as "King of the North." It was good to see Clive Mantle making an appearance.

I also watched Camelot. I didn't expect too much so I wasn't disappointed. It was entertaining.The world created was believable and lush. I like the detail down to Igraine's Celtic-style earrings.There are some interesting, different takes on the legend such as the beginnings of Camelot and the Arthur/Guinevere and Leontes story. Gawain, as with Gwaine in Merlin, is a different person to the noble Gawain, son of King Lot, of legend. I liked Kay. I'd like Jamie Campbell Bower more if he didn't gawp with his mouth open so much. His speeches are unconvincing. Merlin is irritating. The nun with Morgan is suitably creepy. Eva Green is a much better actress than Katie McGrath and has better material to work with, but I have massive Morgana/Morgan fatigue!

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