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A Storm of Swords (spoilers)

I'm on to the second volume of A Storm of Swords and past the dreaded "Red Wedding" where Robb Stark, Grey Wind and Catelyn Stark are all killed by the treachery of the Freys, plotted with the Lannisters. I'm glad I knew this was coming otherwise I would have been more upset. I like both Catelyn and Robb, but Robb is my favourite character. He was so young to die, only sixteen. Of course it is daft to get so attached to fictional characters!

Now Sansa thinks she is the only one of her family still alive. She is forced to marry Tyrion Lannister. He is kind to her, but she has put up so many defensive barriers and she doesn't trust a Lannister. There's too many chapters from Tyrion's point of view in my opinion. I suppose some people may feel that Sansa should be kinder to him. I call that the "Beauty and the Beast syndrome." She's a pretty young girl, who would understandably rather marry The Knight of the Flowers than an ugly and older dwarf. As a woman, if she was ugly or even just plain no one would feel sorry for her.

Jon Snow's story is interesting. I like his relationship with Ygritte. I like Jojen and Meera Reed who accompany Bran, Hodor and Summer.
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