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Game of Thrones, Richard Madden, Babylon 5

There's lots of good new stuff on websites and tumblr on Game of Thrones with the release of the first season DVDs. I was good and ordered mine from a local supplier, but that means I have to wait for early April. There's some animated histories of Westeros and the Houses narrated by members of the cast that may only be on the Blue-rays. I hope not because I've seen a couple of the videos on tumblr and they're good. There's one with Richard Madden as Robb Stark doing about a third of one. I wish he'd narrated the whole video because he has a wonderful voice and his tone and gravitas is just right for the subject matter. I've ordered a short British tv series Richard was in called Sirens. It was only released on the 12th so I don't understand how come there's stacks of pics and gifs all over tumblr already. Someone's posted the blooper reel, which is fun. Richard also had a supporting role in another tv series, Birdsong, that's now out on DVD. The lead is Eddie Redmayne who irritates me so I probably won't buy it.

I recently bought the fourth and fifth series of Babylon 5. I am disappointed and find several of the episodes boring. Claudia Christian as Commander Ivanova is only in two episodes of the fifth series. Bruce Boxleitner doesn't look good with really short hair and one of those icky round-the-mouth beard thingies!

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