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Game of Thrones

Lots of premieres and other events building up to the third season of Game of Thrones starting the end of this month. A heck of a lot of premieres in the US already; it must get quite boring for the cast. The women must have had to pack a lot of clothes.  The actors have mostly been fun and enthusiastic in their many interviews. Sophie Turner looks so sophisticated but is still a sweet young girl, Maisie Williams is engaging, I always enjoy Michelle Fairley's interviews and of course, Richard Madden!

(Source: http://princesselaenatargaryen.tumblr.com)

I've decided to like Oona Chaplin a lot too because she not only declared Richard the best kisser but described him as "the lovely and adorable and wonderful Richard Madden."

Oona Chaplin
(Source: Wicnet interview)

I'm looking forward to the third series with trepidation because of you-know-what. I don't think I'll be able to watch.
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