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Apologies for posting these so long after my holiday. I still haven't sorted out my laptop, so sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. I think I have to buy a new battery, but i have to find a supplier.

My camera was playing up, especially in York, so I have very few photos.

I went to York for a couple of days on my own. York is a lovely city to walk around. I enjoyed the old-fashioned streets such as High and Low Petergate and the Shambles. I visited the Minster, the York Museum, the Jorvick Viking Centre, Clifford's Tower and the York Castle Museum. I went on the original York Ghost Hunt.

Coming out of the station, you immediately see the City Walls.

York Lichfield 001

York Lichfield 002

York Lichfield 003

There are several cat statues on the walls of buildings, many of which were placed there in the 1920's. I spotted this one on the way from the station.

York Lichfield 004

Part of a tower in the city walls.

York Lichfield 005

York Lichfield 006

The ruins of a large church in the gardens of the York museum.

York Lichfield 007

York Minster.

York Lichfield 008

I took several photos of this window, but none of them caught the green light and the impression of trees I could see.

York Lichfield 009

York Lichfield 010

York Lichfield 011

York Lichfield 012

York Lichfield 013

This shop is in Low Petergate and sells things for cats, but a lot more stuff for people featuring cats: jewelry, books, mugs, glasses, scarves, aprons, ornaments, calendars, etc. I bought several presents there. Note the white cat statue.

York Lichfield 014

Clifford's Tower is all that remains of York castle.

York Lichfield 015

York Lichfield 016

York Lichfield 017

I didn't have much time in the York Castle Museum before I had to catch my train. It's a social history museum. The highlight is a reproduction of a nighttime Victorian Street. I apologise to avictoriangirl for not taking more than this one photo. This is of a jewelry shop window.

York Lichfield 018

A cat statue above the York Glass shop.

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