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Last few holiday photos: Lichfield

My sister's mother-in-law, Pat, took me to see Lichfield Cathedral. I know of Lichfield because of Robert of Huntingdon and Will Scarlet's marathon fistfight there.

The cathedral is amazing because of all the wonderful carving.

York Lichfield 020

York Lichfield 021

York Lichfield 022

York Lichfield 023

York Lichfield 024

York Lichfield 025

York Lichfield 027

York Lichfield 026

York Lichfield 029

York Lichfield 027

York Lichfield 028

York Lichfield 031

I haven't any photos of the inside, which was lovely, because I didn't want to disturb the atmosphere. Apologies.There was a school choir and band practising in the cathedral. I don't know if they were playing religious or secular music, but they were glorious. We walked quietly around the cathedral listening to them.

We had a look at a display of some of the pieces of the Staffordshire Hoard. The garnet cloisonné pieces were particularly lovely despite being from weapons.

York Lichfield 033

The 15th C alms houses in the Cathedral Close. The houses are lopsided from age.

York Lichfield 032

York Lichfield 034

On the way home we stopped briefly to look at the Roman ruins in the village of Wall. I wonder if Neil Gaiman's village of Wall in Stardust is based on this one?

York Lichfield

Finally, the loot I bought myself. A York Lucky Cat. I bought several of those for other people. A necklace from the Cat Gallery shop in York. I bought three others as gifts. A pair of dark blue Celtic style earrings. A pewter replica of Richard III's boar badge.
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