Films watched lately

I've watched a few good things lately - Cinderella with Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden and Lily James was heart-warming, Song One with Anne Hathaway had some lovely urban folk music, Testament of Youth was heartbreaking, Flight of the Doves was seventies vintage with Jack Wild, Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reaves was intriguing, plus the recent Lady Chatterley's Lover with Holliday Grainger and Richard Madden, which was good and tastefully done.

Easy almost fat-free vegan ice cream recipes

Here are two recipes I've been making a lot lately. You folks in the northern hemisphere might like to try them now.  For the banana ice cream I like to mix in about half to two thirds again frozen berries. It takes quite a while to mix, but is delicious. The chocolate strawberry ice cream is even more delicious, especially with the small amount of red wine.

One ingredient ice cream

Strawberry cocoa ice cream



February 1 is the Celtic festival of Imbolc, halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, which marks the beginning of the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It became the Christian St. Brigid's day in Ireland.  
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Jason's birthday today

Jason Connery 2014
Happy birthday to Jason Connery!

The photo is from an episode of Britain's Celebrity Chef tv programme, which Jason participated in in 2014, I think sometime around the Hooded Man Convention. He didn't wear glasses to the Con, even when shooting with a bow.

Legitimate fanfic

It seems to be fine to use the characters in books by dead authors to write novels, publish them as original works and make money out of them. The latest are Sebastian Faulkes writing a Jeeves story and Anthony Horowitz writing a Moriarty story. In these cases the writers have the permission of the late authors' estates, but what about Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte? to name just a couple of authors whose works have had sequels written by modern authors. I tend to avoid these novels because they are usually not as good as the originals and I think authors should not make money using other writers' original characters. Anyway, when published authors write what amounts to authorised fanfic, can writers blame fans for writing fanfic for pleasure and to share without profit?

Some Scottish history stuff

I found an interesting lecture on YouTube on the two Andrew Morays who fought in the Scottish Wars of Independence. The first was overshadowed by William Wallace, the second fought during the second War of Independence, which was overshadowed by the first. I knew of them both through my reading, but far less of the second Andrew Moray. Edward Balliol was a competing king for a time with the young Kind David II, Bruce's son. This is a period that the Scots tend not to acknowledge.

I'm currently reading a novel by Jack Whyte on the young Robert the Bruce. This is the second in a trilogy; the first being on William Wallace and the third intended to be on James Douglas, "The Black Douglas." This is the third such trilogy that's been written recently, though the other two focus on Bruce. Robert Low and Robyn Young are the other two authors. The inspiration I guess for all of them was the Scottish Referendum and the anniversary of Bannockburn. Of the three authors, I find Whyte the best to read.

Guy Fawkes Night

I loathe Guy Fawkes Night. It's illegal here to let off fireworks except at organised events, but so many people take no notice. It's a fearful night for animals, with many terrified and going missing. I'm anxious the whole time. Cliffie went off on his nightly jaunt before I could shut him inside.

I think it's daft to commemorate it here in South Africa where very few people have any idea what it's about. I wonder if it's still commemorated in other Commonwealth countries?